animBot Coupon Code Winter 2024



Product keys will not be available to claim after 1/29/2024

Installing animBot
– Go to, download, extract the zip file and drag the file “animBot Drag’n Drop Install.mel” into Maya’s viewport.

Getting your FREE Educational Edition license
1) Visit the product page:
2) Add it to cart. You will notice that it costs $1000, but don’t panic! This is just to prevent outsiders to get this license without a coupon.
3) Apply the coupon. This will reduce the price to $0. Please note that the coupon has a very short time window to be used, don’t miss it!
4) Proceed to checkout, no payment will be requested.
5) Within 5-10 minutes you will receive the keycode in your email and will be able to activate your license.

Educational Licenses expire in 4 months and are not renewable.
A student needs to get a new license every time a new coupon is made available, generally at the beginning of every quarter, even if the student already has a license from the previous quarter.
If a student misses that window, the previous license will eventually expire, as well as the current coupon, and one will be left without a license for the rest of the term.
Keep this email for future reference.

Don’t know how animBot can help you become a better animator?
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